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What to do if the checkweigher cannot be weighed
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What to do if the checkweigher cannot be weighed



During the use of the automatic checkweigher, there may be cases where it cannot be weighed. If this happens, how can I solve it? Need to check the weighing tray, check whether the gasket of the device sensor is installed and whether the installation position is accurate. Here are the steps for everyone to share:

1. Disassemble the weighing tray;

Second, twist the sensor's protective screw;

Third, check whether the gasket is installed;



4. Check if the gasket is facing the corresponding hole;

5. Install the gasket and restore the pallet. If the weighing is still not normal, you need to go back to the operation interface to reset the technical parameters. If the parameters are still set, you still can't weigh it. In this case, you need to contact the automatic checkweigher manufacturer. Professional staff guide the installation. (This usually happens when the checkweigher has just entered the market and is not properly installed.)

For the reasonable deployment of staff, mastery of production, etc., it will also affect the equipment. Moreover, the management personnel should regularly check the condition of the automatic checkweighing equipment, maintenance status, data reports, etc., and have an understanding of the whole, and reasonably arrange and propose improvement measures and measures. In order to avoid problems or reduce the incidence of problems in the machine, it is necessary to start from the production line, and each level must be firmly controlled to avoid problems.


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