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How to use the automatic checkweigher with high efficiency?
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How to use the automatic checkweigher with high efficiency?


    The automatic checkweigher is an important process for manufacturers to inspect products. From manual check to automatic check weighing, it has undergone an industrial revolution. The application of automatic checkweighing not only improves the qualification rate of the product, but also greatly improves the work efficiency. Today, the automatic weighing machine manufacturers explain how to use the automatic checkweighing efficiency?



1. The automatic checkweigher is applied to the inspection of the load-bearing weight of the product. Since it is impossible to achieve 100% accuracy in the production process, the weighing of the automatic checkweigher is required at this time to remove the unqualified product. Only when each product is within the qualified range can the consumer's rights and interests be guaranteed. In this way, after the customer uses it, he can feel the strict standards of the automatic weighing machine manufacturer and the strict specifications of the manufacturer, giving the customer a better experience.

    2. Products that fail after inspection are subjected to secondary weighing under manual weighing and then filled with objects three times to achieve the standard. However, the automatic inspection is not the same. The automatic inspection says that after the first load failure, the data will show the value exceeding or less than the standard index. We can add or subtract according to the numerical product.

    3. Product Missing Check for products that contain small packages in large packages. Due to equipment or personnel factors, the product will be missing. Using a checkweigher to check the weight of a large package ensures that there is no missing product in the large package. For example, 24 bottles of beverage per box, the normal weight of each box is a certain, check the weight of each box can be found with or without leakage.

    4. The sensor with the automatic checkweigher is a very sensitive measuring component and must be treated with care. Avoid vibration, squeezing, and falling objects on the weighing platform. It is forbidden to place the tool on the weighing platform.

    5. If the checkweigher is equipped with a belt conveyor, it should be inspected regularly. Do not touch the conveyor belt with any guards or filter plates (smooth plates between adjacent conveyor belts) that can cause additional wear and vibration and can affect the degree. If a guard is installed, check that it is in good condition and that the installation location is correct. Replace worn belts as quickly as possible.




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