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About the development of automatic checkweighers
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About the development of automatic checkweighers


The development of China's current situation Because China's entry into the production field of modern automatic checkweighing scales started late, compared with foreign advanced automatic checkweighing scale enterprises, there is a big gap in terms of quality. In terms of the quality of automatic checkweighers, the technical content of domestic automatic checkweighing scales is still relatively low. A considerable number of high, fine and sharp weighing instruments are still dependent on imports to meet demand, indicating that our domestic weighing instruments need to be intelligent in terms of content. Anxious to catch up;

     The existence of the gap not only clarifies the direction of the development of China's automatic checkweighing scale industry, but also has the space for the follow-up development of China's automatic checkweighing scale industry. In today's ball economy integration, it has created an excellent development opportunity for China's automatic checkweigher manufacturing enterprises. China's automatic checkweigher manufacturing enterprises should seize this good opportunity and actively promote the development of the weighing instrument industry in the direction of modernization and transformation through technical exchanges and technology transfer.



In the field of automatic checkweigher with high technical content, China's automatic checkweigher manufacturing enterprises have huge development space in the development of weighing instrument products market, due to the constraints of the existing technology level, whether in the domestic market or the market, currently The low technical content of the products, mainly occupying the low-end market, thus restricting the expansion of China's automatic checkweighing scale product market to a large extent.

    In terms of improving weighing efficiency, the traditional automatic weighing instrument has only one weighing hopper. However, as the weighing speed and packaging accuracy requirements of the weighing apparatus are continuously improved, the single-duty weighing can no longer meet the needs of users, so in the twenty At the end of the century, there were diversified and intelligent automatic loading and balancing scales, but the high-tech advanced weighing instruments currently used in China are still in the stage of relying on imports to solve supply.

    Therefore, the automatic checkweigher industry is occupying the domestic market and participating in the market competition. In the final analysis, it is necessary for the scale manufacturing enterprises to take technology as the guide, to improve the level of new product research and development and manufacturing technology as a breakthrough, and gradually bring the technical content of the products closer to the technical level. To effectively expand the domestic market and enhance competitiveness in the market.


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