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About the application of dynamic checkweighers
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About the application of dynamic checkweighers



The dynamic checkweigher is mainly composed of electronic components and weighing frames. It is used to check whether the products in the product line meet the requirements of the products or to classify the products to be tested according to the weight class. The dynamic checkweigher is a dynamic weighing system. It is different from the static weighing of the balance. It is 100% online weighing the products passing through the production line, and classifies, filters or rejects the products according to preset values. Generally speaking, it can be divided into: an input part, a weighing part, an output part, a display part, a culling part and a calculation control system.

     The checkweigher is generally installed at the back end of the production line such as production equipment and automatic packaging. The purpose is to dynamically weigh and count the weight of the product, perform sorting settings to prevent the defective products from leaving the factory, and protect the consumers while analyzing the measured data to further manage the production. . Data can also be fed back to the production equipment to control the production equipment in such a way as to prevent unnecessary material loss.


Typical applications for dynamic checkweighers are:

    (1) Check if the product is overweight or underweight.

    (2) Ensure that the product meets the legal requirements for net content.

    (3) Integrity test: Check whether the product is missing a single piece (such as whether the whole box is missing, lack of bottle, lack of bag) or check whether the necessary components (such as manuals, manuals, gifts, etc.) are missing in the package.


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