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What to pay attention to when using an automatic checkweigher
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What to pay attention to when using an automatic checkweigher



The automatic checkweighing scale is a precision instrument. When using it, it must be correctly regulated and operated to avoid errors. The accuracy of our checkweigher is as high as 0.01g, so the environment and the requirements for correct operation of the user are more strict. Let us introduce the use of automatic What should be paid attention to by the checkweigher to help you better use the checkweigher;

     What to pay attention to when using an automatic checkweigher:



Do not measure if it is overweight or does not meet the size specified! The weighing scale can be changed according to the requirements of the user. Use only a wet rag when cleaning.

     If the voltage variation range is too large, the measurement error will occur. Please use a stable power supply.

     The metering part is set on the weight sensor and should not be impacted or overloaded except for the allowable specifications.

     When moving this product for installation, it must be level. Isolation of the conveyor belt while moving.

     In order to operate, the run/stop of the transfer and the opening and closing of the operation box cover should be operated by the designated administrator.


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