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Understanding of the workflow of clear automatic weighing scales
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Understanding of the workflow of clear automatic weighing scales


   Nowadays, there may still be many people who don't know much about the working process of automatic weighing scales. With the wider use of automatic weighing machines, more and more people use automatic weighing machines, but for Those who have just contacted the automatic weighing machine are not familiar with the products of this automatic weighing machine manufacturer. Today, Lanes Xiaobian will tell you about the working process of the automatic weighing machine.



Today's automatic weighing machine manufacturers meet the technical requirements of the mechanical design is the hardware foundation of the automatic weighing machine, highly integrated and highly automated equipment requires advanced control theory and a complete control system. As the core part of the automatic weighing machine, the control system realizes the control of the material conveying and recycling system, the vibration feeding system and the material injection system. The various sensors installed on the site monitor the working state of the automatic weighing machine in real time, and can be automatic. The weighing machine provides a highly integrated human-computer interaction interface to make the system intelligent.

The working process of the automatic weighing machine:

    Weighing and preparing the product into the feed conveyor, the speed setting of the feed conveyor is generally determined according to the spacing of the products and the required speed. The purpose is to ensure that only one product can be placed on the weighing platform during the work of the checkweigher.


    In the process of weighing, when the product enters the sorting scale heavy machine conveyor, the system set by the automatic weighing machine manufacturer identifies the product to be inspected into the weighing area according to an external signal, such as a photoelectric switch signal, or an internal level signal. Depending on the operating speed of the conveyor and the length of the conveyor, or based on the level signal, the system can determine when the product leaves the weighing conveyor. From the time the product enters the weighing platform to the leaving the weighing platform, the weighing sensor will detect the signal, and the controller selects the signal that stabilizes the agricultural area for processing, and the weight of the product can be obtained.

    In the sorting process, when the controller obtains the weight signal of the product, the system will compare with the preset weight range to sort the products. The sorting type will be different according to the application, mainly the following types : 1) reject the non-conforming product, 2) remove or transport the overweight and underweight separately to different places, and 3) divide the weight into different weight categories according to different weight ranges.


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