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How to reduce the problem of automatic checkweigher
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How to reduce the problem of automatic checkweigher


Generally, we want to make the automatic weighing machine have zero faults. It is necessary for us to operate the automatic weighing machine. The automatic weighing machine manufacturers have summarized some knowledge.

     Adhere to the principle of being prepared for prevention. Its guiding thoughts are therefore mainly "defense", changing the traditional thinking of the past to repair, in order to greatly reduce accidents and failures. Implementer. Everyone who participates in the production process of the automatic weighing machine manufacturer should care about and participate in the maintenance work of the equipment, so that the production personnel and the equipment personnel can be integrated into the body and become the basis of the staff. Highlight the concept of serving production. The entire process (including operation and maintenance) is carried out in accordance with the "all norms and specifications", which not only ensures the normal implementation, but also meets the maintenance requirements, revealing the unity and coordination of production and equipment.




The specifications are all. From the perspective of "all norms, all norms", a set of relatively complete standard systems is erected and strictly implemented. The emphasis is on the inspection standard. Equipment inspection is to set a number of points where the equipment may be degraded and faulty. Implement fixed-point, calibration, periodic, fixed-point, fixed-point inspection standards, maintenance technical standards, and grease standards. And maintenance work standards.

    Tendency. According to the condition of the equipment, the inspection time and content are determined to prevent over-maintenance or long-term maintenance. The essence is to find out the problem of deterioration tendency by searching and diagnosing the equipment, so as to look forward to the life cycle of the equipment parts, determine the maintenance items, and propose Improvement measures to keep the equipment in a stable state. Target concentration. One is to reduce equipment failures, and the other is to reduce maintenance costs.

With the development of technology, the design and manufacturing level of automatic weighing machine manufacturers and automatic weighing machines, some automatic weighing machines are likely to achieve no overhaul for life, and it is possible to achieve zero life cycle maintenance.

    Adopt PDCA working method. All levels of the automatic checkweighing scale manufacturers shall hold regular performance analysis meetings, provide them step by step, use data and charts to analyze the fault conditions, maintenance experiments and maintenance costs, and propose improvement measures and experimental measures. Maintain the versatility of employees. Because of the increasing level of equipment modernization and maintenance technology, the quality requirements for maintenance personnel are getting higher and higher, and it must have solid practical experience, affirmative basic theoretical level and strong ability. Advocating the spirit of continuous learning from the perspective of changing the spirit and improving work skills.


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