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What are the environmental factors affecting the automatic checkweigher?
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What are the environmental factors affecting the automatic checkweigher?


    The automatic weighing machine must have been heard by everyone. It is a machine that checks whether the weight of the product is qualified, and it can also eliminate the unqualified products and improve the qualified rate of the products. Our Lanes automatic weighing machine manufacturer is specialized in the production and sales of automatic weighing machines, with a professional team, can be customized according to the different needs of customers.



This automatic weighing machine is a machine that removes and classifies unqualified products on the assembly line. This automatic weighing machine has high precision and high speed, which greatly improves the qualification rate of the products, so it is well received by the majority. User's favorite. Today, the automatic weighing machine manufacturers come to tell you about the impact of the environment on the automatic weighing machine, hoping to bring some help to everyone.

If the operating conditions are poor, the humidity and dust content in the air is too high, moisture and dust can enter and damage the mechanical mechanism of the conveyor belt and the weighing sensor, thus shortening the service life of the machine.

A series of factors such as humidity, temperature change, drying, excessive vibration, and air dust can have a negative impact on the scale of the automatic weighing machine. Therefore, before purchasing the automatic weighing machine, the automatic weighing machine manufacturer recommends that the operating environment of the automatic weighing machine and your product features should be carefully considered.

In order to improve the accuracy of the automatic weighing scale, you must eliminate the effects of the humid high dust operating environment. You should look for special checkweighing techniques, such as a sealed casing, made of a single piece of plastic or metal. This avoids the ingress of dust and moisture, protects the internal precision weighing sensor and the conveyor system from damage, and avoids premature aging.

Do not perform unnecessary movement or vibration around the automatic weighing machine, which may cause deviations in the measurement of the automatic weighing machine. Preventive measures can cause problems and avoid damage.


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