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Understand the performance and features of automatic checkweighers
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Understand the performance and features of automatic checkweighers


    The automatic weighing machine is when the tested item passes the inspection station, the system determines its weight, checks whether the weight meets the specified weight requirement, and makes a qualified, overweight, underweight prompt, or performs the corresponding unqualified product Out of action (according to user needs), automatic weighing machine manufacturers will introduce non-conforming products to the production line. The automatic weight detection system has functions such as weight detection, classification and statistics, alarm, sorting, and weight grouping.


Automatic weighing machine performance characteristics:

    Easy to integrate into the user pipeline, production data report function, understand the production status, data storage, output printing function. A variety of communication protocol ports can be added to integrate into the production system control center to achieve interconnection between devices. It can be integrated with metal detectors, barcode scanners, labeling machines, automatic inkjet printers, and automatic sealing machines. The detection speed is higher than 200 times/min, and the high precision is ±0.5g; the automatic data counting function of the department data, the system parameter and the recipe parameter setting password protection;

    High-precision digital automatic checkweigher sensing system, high-speed digital filtering processing and automatic zero tracking function ensure high-speed and high-precision. The automatic weighing machine manufacturer's unique dynamic weighing and anti-interference correction technology, the actual weighing accuracy and weighing speed double ensure that it is far superior to similar equipment. 100 kinds of product presets, freely switchable, user-friendly operating system design, easy to learn and operate, multi-language version is optional.

    Unique scale structure ensures dynamic weighing, built-in FIVDSP anti-vibration technology, can also be weighed under vibration conditions; built-in power filter, circuit with multi-level digital filtering and other anti-interference design; large capacity ferroelectric memory, enough Large-capacity record detection data, and * save data; speed control module adopts closed-loop constant-speed control mode, button setting, digital display speed, once the conveyor speed is set, it can ensure constant speed operation of each belt, each conveyor belt Consistent speed;

    Automatic weighing machine manufacturers generally use detachable conveyor belt for easy maintenance; strict high and low temperature test, anti-interference test to ensure that the instrument adapts to various complex on-site environments; unique vibration test: use vibration table before delivery to adjust to different The frequency of the simulation simulates possible mechanical vibrations on the site to suit the harsh conditions of the scene.

    The goal of automatic weighing machine manufacturers: According to the requirements of customers, orderly design and install checkweighers to provide correct product solutions and make them more powerful. The sorting items have different shapes and conditions, and the sorting ability and precision are also different; the sorting ability varies depending on the matching sorter. All automatic weighing machine component specifications can be customized to suit your specific needs and integrated into your existing production line.


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